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It is situated approximately 120 km east of Maun village and the Okavango Delta and 25 km west of the Nxai Pan Game Reserve. To the east and north are hunting concessions and the Nxai Pan Game Reserve. To the west and south are game farms and the Boteti River which drains the Okavango Delta.


The farm lies on the northeastern corner of Veterinary Disease Control Zone  which is classified as a Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) free zone. This means that meat of cattle from the farm will qualify for export to the European Union (EU) beef market when slaughtered at the Botswana Meat Commission (BMC) abattoirs in Francistown or Lobatse.


There has been a lot of development of game ranches in the area over the last 15 years and a lot of international hunters have hunted in that area. There is a lot of eco-tourism and big game (elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard, etc) hunting in concession areas surrounding the Okavango and surroundings of the Moremi , Nxai Pan and Makgadikgadi Game Reserves .  The farm area is easily accessible even by 4x2 vehicles, but 4-wheel drive (4x4) vehicles are preferable especially during the rainy season. The farm is accessed from Maun by a 2 hours journey using a tarred road (95 km) followed by a sandy track (25 km).




The land on which the farm is situated is 16,885.7 hectares in size (10.2 km N-S by 16.6 km E-W) and is owned by a registered company. The ranch is held under a 25 years leasehold tenure commencing from 2009 and expires in 2034. The lease is renewable upon expiry for another 25 years. The only threat to the leasehold tenure will be appropriation of land for national developments such as opening up of a new mine but the land owners / lease holders will be adequately compensated for the improvements they have carried out on the land.


The area receives an annual rainfall amount of 500mm/year and this has resulted in very good grazing potential for livestock estimated in the range of 5 to 8 hectares per livestock unit (5-8 ha/LSU). This means that the farm is rated to carry between 2110 and 3377 mature livestock units.



The dimensions of the sides of the farm’s perimeter are as follows:


  • A-B  =   11 205.7m (eastern boundary)
  • B-C  =   16 617.2m (southern boundary)
  • C-D  =   9 145.69m (western boundary)
  • D-A  =   16 653.3m (northern boundary)


The status regarding licenses and planning permissions is as follows:


  • Lease Agreement (25 years from 2009 to 2034) for the 16,885.7 hectares ranch has been signed with the Tawana Land Board. A cadastral survey has been done on the ranch. The lease has been registered with the Deeds Office of Botswana.
  • The farm is partially fenced on the eastern side (about 40 km) with a 1.5m high, 5 strands wire cattle proof perimeter fencing.
  • The lease of the farm allows for the introduction of game animals on the ranch (section 6.5) and hence other developments such as building of a lodge can take place.




The village of Maun, which lies 120 km east of the farm, has an international airport which is serviced by flights from Johannesburg, Cape Town, Windhoek, Gaborone and Kasane. The Maun international airport is currently undergoing a major expansion to cater for direct flights from other international destinations such as Europe and the United States of America.


The nearest village of Motopi lies 35km to the south of the farm and it is connected to mains / grid electricity. Power on the farm can only be generated on site using solar energy and generators. There are currently four (4) boreholes on the farm of which two (2) are suitable for watering livestock and the other two (2) are salty / saline. All the four boreholes have encountered water at depths ranging from 30m to 50m. The potable water boreholes for livestock watering are located in the vicinity of pans. There are numerous big pans in the interior of the farm which are likely to have good potential for finding potable water. 


There are no immediate plans by the Botswana government to provide roads, telephones and bulk water to the area. However, some farmers to the west are drawing potable water by pipeline for livestock and human consumption from the Boteti River in the south.




There is some game animals in both the fenced and unfenced part of the farm such as elephant, kudu, gemsbok, eland, zebra, warthog, steenbok, duiker, jackals, hyena, lion, leopard and ostriches. There is also a wide variety of game birds such as kori bustard, Korhaans, guinea fowl, fracolins, eagles, hawks, secretary bird, etc.


6. FARM ASSETS and valuation


The farm and its immovable assets (fencing, boreholes, kraals) is estimated to have a value of P16,885,700.00 based on farm valuations in the area of P1,000.00 per hectare (i.e. 16 885.7 ha x P1,000.00/ha).


The farm is also sold together with the following movable assets with associated values:

-       +/-200 mixed cows (with calves) and heifers

-       5 brahman bulls (2 x red and 3 x grey/white)

-       4000 Fencing poles (2.1m – 2,7m lengths)

-       20,000 Mopani droppers (fire treated)

-       4000m x 50mm HDPE pipes

-       6 x 5000L Jojo tanks

-       Farm gates, fencing wires, watering troughs, miscellaneous tools

-       Nissan UD290 Truck (15 tons) with cattle rails

-       Drawbar Trailer (12 tons) with cattle rails

-       Ford 7600 Tractor with 10 tons Trailer



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