BIG 5-One of a kind in the Waterberg within Marakele National Park

Property Detail

Type , Status Location Sub Location Price POR Land Size in Hectare534

Property Description

This is an opportunity to own a private part of a Big Five National Park in Southern Africa and
experience one of the most spectacular and ecologically pristine parts of the country.


With the purchase of this farm, the buyer will obtain the rights to:

  • Erect ten residential units for private use, or for use as a lodge, share-block scheme
    or a time-share scheme in the park
  • Erect an added manager’s house, staff quarters and other support facilities
  • Establish a tented camp

ESKOM power is available on the boundary of the property

Water is available from a borehole and from the pristine Mamba River

Environmental impact studies and heritage studies have been completed and approved

Zoning rights have been approved.

A water license have been approved.



The farm is a 534 hectares privately owned farm set in the South African bushveld landscape

The farm is situated inside the Marakele National Park but has its own private entrance.

There are no fences between the farm and the Park.

The property has been declared a part of the Marakele National Park for 50 years and SANPARKS manages nature conservation and the outside perimeter fence of the property.

From an ecological perspective the property is in pristine condition with exceptionally varied vegetation, animal and bird life.

The topography includes ridges, cliffs and grass velds.

The perennial and unpolluted Mamba River springs from inside the Park and runs through the centre of the property

The area is bilharzia and malaria free.

Fauna and Flora (Animals, birds and plants)

The big 5 roams free on the property .The greater Marakele National Park host most of the South African animals that you find with the exception of but a few. Nocturnal animals abound and because of its varied habitat there are a variety of birds. Find accompanying animal and bird list .

This vegetation type occurs in the intermediate to high lying areas in the southern and south-eastern portions of the park. This area is characterized by relatively high rainfall (719 mm) and the resultant leaching of the soils results in a fairy low soil nutrient status. This limiting factor in turn results in a fairly low carrying capacity and only ubiquitous species such as kudu and common reedbuck are common in these areas. This vegetation type is characterized by Transvaal beechwoods (Faurea salinga), proteas (Protea caffra) and stem fruit trees. Less than 3% of the park is comprised of Sweet Bushveld (veld type 17). This veld type is mostly found along the banks of the Matlabas River and forms an important winter refuge area for game particularly during limiting periods at the end of the dry season. The planned western expansion of the park will include more of this vegetation type, which is crucial to sustain adequate numbers of prey species for large predators such as lion and spotted hyena.

One of the rare and threatened plant species of Marakele is the Waterberg cycad (Waterbergbroodboom) Encephalartos eugene-maraisii. The naturalist, author and poet Eugene Marais lived in the Waterberg for 16 years and this cycad was named in his honour. This cycad is endemic to the Waterberg region and grows to 5 m tall among low shrubs at an altitude of 1 450 m.

From its Waterberg Cycads to Yellow-woods and Camel Thorns, Marakele National Parks supports about 765 plant species.

The property is secluded on the north western side of Marakele. For the investor who wIshes to obtain a base to operate from right into the National Park , this is currently the only unique option.

Price is subject to change without notice.

The property is registered in a Closed Corporation and same can be taken over with no registration costs applicable but for the attorneys and bookkeepers fees.
There is no land claim registered against the property.  Documentation Accompanying

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